Self Analysis

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – Prompt #297 – Survival
“Write a survival poem.”

Many of my actions
remain mysteries
to me. Yet, at
my ripe old age
of seventy-one,
some glint-hints
of light show

I have moved
often, and still
ponder the reason(s)
for these moves,
and what justifications
I gave myself.

Low self-esteem
is easy to bathe
in. You have to
get up, dry off.
Even if you never
find the reason(s)
behind this emotion.
Know that you are
a survivor in this life–
in your life.

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Laundry Mishap

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #467

Words:  name, flow, see, knives, twisted, glue, blood, next, space, rest, truth, low

She employs a well
known name brand
of low suds detergent.
Plenty of space
in  tub of new
Even flow
of water.  She is

the kind of mom
who is
the glue holding
the rest of her family

Truth to tell,
she is tired
of it all. Let
someone else
be next
fall guy. 
See how they manage.
She opens machine,
begins to untwist
the ball of clothing.
Intake of breath.
is all pink
and red.  The shirt
whose label read

Colorfast, lied.
All clothes bleed
as if a knife fight
had occurred inside.
With a gleam in
her eyes, she tosses
it all into the dryer.

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July Musings

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – July Covid-19 P.A.D. – Day 31
End of the Poetic Bloomings Covid-19 P.A.D.
“We’ve reached the end of the road for another year. I hope you had fun and wrote some good drafts for some extraordinary poetry. There’s just one more poem to write.

Your swan song, your farewell, a goodbye poem, a good riddance poem. And when you speak of us, please be kind. We’re trying our best!”

You win some
you lose some,
but you get
your day in court.
Birthdays at
the beach, music
to teach, bridges
to walk, malls
in which we talk
about people
and what they
eat. Sunsets
that can’t be
beat. To The Class
of 2020, we wish
you well. Farewell!

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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Meeting The Bar:  Haiku sequence
(posted by Frank Tassone)

“Did you know that you could write multiple haiku that express a similar theme or montage of images? That haikai form is known as the haiku sequence.

Now it’s your turn. Write a haiku sequence on any theme that you like. Use a minimum of three haiku.

You can write your haiku using the traditional 5-7-5 syllable count. Alternatively, you can write haiku that can be read aloud in a breath, using a short-long-short format, without a syllable count.

Remember to use a title and be sure there is a connection in the haiku within your sequence.

tree stands in full bloom
she picks some bright yellow fruit
juicy lemons for pie

heavy and thick-skinned
are not selected by chef
little fruit is rendered

green stems rise
seem spindly to hold up
delicate daffodils

complementary flower hues
purple and yellow

oak tree festooned
yellow ribbon tied ’round center
she waits for him

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Music Matches Mood

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – July Covid-19 P.A.D. – Day 30
Musical Styles


To what kind of music do you choose to listen?

rock, some punk–
Ramones, Patti Smith
Doesn’t it depend on your mood?
Relax with smooth jazz and a glass of wine–red or white
Blues confirm your state of mind, help you wallow. Classic rock feels young and
you know the words.

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Loser Day

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – July Covid-19 – Day 29
Good Time Charley’s Got The Blues

‘Write a win or lose poem.’

Four placements
are placed
in the wash,
then hung to dry.
Up come three.
Big mystery.

Later same day,
my favorite
water glass
takes a plunge–
I lunge too late.
Liquid and glass
covers the floor,
runs under the stove.
Collect glass,
sop up water,
vacuum every
nook and cranny
three times,
while keeping
dogs at bay.

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In The Night

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics:  Flights of Fancy  (posted by Laura Bloomsbury)

. Pen a poem that is about FLYING/FLIGHT (NOT FLEEING)
. Take ONE or MORE of our natural winged phenomena – bird, bat, insect, seed, flying          fish! (but NOT mythical creature with wings, NOT mechanical objects either)
. Your poem can be purely literal or mixed with metaphor or even allegory
. Write as subject or object; 1st or 3rd person
. Preferably use FREE VERSE (like Sandburg & Lawrence above) as that best suits the            subject of flying!

Angels and doves
sailed through air,
white, carefree,
wings whistling. I
knew they were there
to affect a change
to right wrongs
to render love
to sprinkle peace.
It did not matter
that I was fast asleep.

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Excels Untouched

Written for:  Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt
Write a piece of prose or poetry around the words “cursive, touch, forget.”

She was known for her excellent cursive
and unforgettable penned verses.
Won awards and medals
was showered with petals
yet shrank from touch, so for friends she still searches.

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“heavy air”

Written for:  The Twiglets #187 – “heavy air”

The air hung heavy
over the haunted
black lagoon.

Temperature and humidity
thicken the air
to a heaviness
that weighs upon me
like a hangover.

hangs heavy in air
bees and butterflies slow
July’s relentless heat

A man escaping Florida’s heat
took vacation in Maine as a treat.
He arrived in heat wave
stuck it out several days
then came home with a sense of defeat.

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Sauna Air

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – July Covid-19 P.A.D. – Day 28
After The Workshop



The sauna air
outside leaves him
with no taste
for exercise. He
takes a break, rides
a wave in the ocean,
lotion spread thickly.
He turns sickly when
lifeguard’s whistle
sounds. Everyone Out!
We have spotted
a shark!

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