Hear The Cries

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Prosery:  “The Rock Cries Out . . . “
(posted by Frank Tassone)

“Today, the United States celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A modern prophet, Dr. King’s tireless advocacy of Civil Rights helped transform a nation stratified along racial lines. While the struggle for authentic equality is far from over, his leadership and monumental contribution to the cause led to the end of legal discrimination.

His example inspired the poet and storyteller extraordinaire Maya Angelou to work for him as the northern coordinator for King’s SCLC. She honored the themes of his famous “I have a Dream” speech in her inaugural poem for President Bill Clinton, “On the Pulse of Morning”—27 years ago on this day!”

How fitting, then, is it for us to include this line from that poem in our prose:

“The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.”

We stood on the sidelines of history
watching rivers run red, trees cut
down or burned by wildfires. Respect
for peace, for nature has disappeared
into a cloud of carbon. Ask yourselves,
Did any war ever bring peace?

There is no equality because some are
more equal than others, so they believe.
Running rampant is Racism, anti-Semitism,
disregard for the treatment of
American Indians, and suspicion
of any person who looks different from us.

To you who feel that no one deserves
a change to grow, to have a richer
life, I say, Stand upon the rock,
do not hide your face–and listen
to a voice other than your own.


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Raven’s Surprise

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 #278

“Any truly great story, tale or poem has a beginning and an end. What fills the body of such is what ties it all together. But, what happened that you should “not go gentle into that good night”? What happened during the miles you had to traverse before you were able to sleep? Choose a classic poem of your liking and write either the prequel or the sequel in your piece. If you’re writing a prequel, the last line of your poem should be the first line of your chosen poem, giving a natural progression into said masterpiece. Your sequel begins with the last line of the classic poem.”


And my soul from out that shadow
that lies floating on the floor
shall be lifted-nevermore!

Sadly, madly in my grief did I dream
of the maiden known as sweet Lenore.
Surcease of sorrow from my books
would be granted-Nevermore.

A shadow inked in outline of
the raven looked so mournful
and despairing, that my soul
thought lost forever that night,

became at once an ember
lit of caring, and I wondered
is there more?

My chamber door did rattle
behind the darkened drapes
of sorrow where I wished
there’d be no morrow. A peak
through slit showed the raven
ever sitting, ever brooding, now
motioning me to do its bidding,
though it uttered not a word.

I opened my window and the bird
who sat upon the pallid bust
of Pallas, flew to my window-
sill, and though it be absurd
upon my shoulder placed a claw.

Had the bird had become much bolder?
I implore you to believe this mad man
when he tells you that  his body

quickly blackened, wings grew he,
and fingers turned to claws.

So off we flew together in that bleakest
of Novembers, and with jubilation
I expressed my elation that I did not
feel so all alone. Lenore whispered–

(with a nod to Poe)



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Written for:  Carpe Diem Tan Renga Wednesday (9) – I Ate A Persimmon  (Shiki)

Horyuji Temple (woodblock print)

Horyuji Temple Nara (woodblock print)

When I ate a persimmon
The bell rung
The Horyuji temple                        © Shiki

dark orange as ripe fruit
temple’s colors of joy                      © Sara McNulty


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“first snow”

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1797 – New Beginnings . . . First Snow

“Today’s prompt is “First Snow”, it’s a classical kigo for Winter and that means you have to try to create a classical haiku or tanka following the rules as I think you all will know.”

The first snow
That the young Hijiri-monk has
The color of the wooden box.

© Basho

Another one by Basho:

The first snow,
When is the pillar set up
For the Great Buddha?

snow’s falling!
I see it through a hole
in the shutter…

© Shiki

a cold moonlit night
just the sound of fresh fallen snow –
wandering over the moors

© Chèvrefeuille (our host)

Here is my attempt:

path vanishes
children wake to Winter’s first snow
no way to get to school

©  Sara McNulty

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Bottle Tree Tales

Written for:  Sunday Muse #91
“Hello Sunday Muse folk! Fireblossom here with your weekly picture prompt. This week I’ve selected a bottle tree. In old southern tradition, hanging bottles from a tree is intended to catch or confuse negative spirits. They are said either to be caught inside the bottles and live there, or if blue bottles are used, these confuse the spirits into thinking it is water where they’ll drown or sky where they’ll lose their way. No matter which, bottle trees protect the person living there from negative influences.”

bottle tree

Now son, all you need
heed is this here advice
from your Daddy. Those
blue bottles will attract
the spirit of water, so’s
you’ll never be thirsty.
The green ones are lucky.
Fireflies get all up
inside them, and leave
gifts, so’s you’ll never
be poor. It’s them yellow
fellows you have to watch
out for. Wasps bore inside
them, hidin’, just awaitin’
to sting the hand
of anybody fool enough
to touch yellow bottles.
Now tomorrow, I’ll tell
you the tale of Cousin
Earl, and the red bottle
of sin.


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Owl and Wolf Go Canoeing

Written for:  Sunday Whirl #439

Words:  flew, merry, sun, chill, itch, wolf, slim, swagger, owl, cloak, tendril, chance

Merry owl,
and slim-cloaked
wolf tossed off
the tendrils of
last night’s chill.
Sun shone upon
the land, and the
two swaggering
fellows were itching
for a chance to go
canoeing. Owl wisely
thought ahead. If
problems arose,
he could easily fly
away. Wolf, being
a champion swimmer
knew the lake was
no match for him.
Each trusted the
other for rescue.


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Meet Again, Breathe Again

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2  For Your Consideration – “From the Offices of
Keats, Shelley & Rabinowitz”
“Channel your favorite classic Romanticist poet and make your case (write your poem) including this line:

” . . . the rouged embers languish long after midnight knell . . .”

The rouged embers languish long
after midnight’s knell. Time
for us to meet again,
breathe again, climb a wall
of golden flowers casting
our shadows, like long-legged
dancers. Let us climb higher
and surreptitiously snatch
the stars from the heavens,
to light the coming Spring.

(after Pablo Neruda)


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“first sunray”

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1796 – New Beginnings . . . First Sunray

scents of Ume blossoms–
the sun rises like a marvel
ah, this mountain pass

~ Basho ~

sleepy daffodils
petaled eyelids open
under sweep of first light

~Sara McNulty~


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Written for:  Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #111 Troiku … New Beginnings … Lotus starts to bloom

Lotus (1)

in deep prayer
eyes closed in devotion–
lotus starts to bloom


in deep prayer
praying mantis on chair arm
still as a twig

eyes closed in devotion
the child prays for his mother
please let her get well

lotus starts to bloom
promising purple of health
praying mantis pleased


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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Meeting The Bar:  “Soliloquy”
(Posted by Frank H.)

The challenge today is to use the dramatic literary effect of soliloquy in a poem.

“Characters in a drama engage in soliloquies when they say something to themselves, perhaps rationalizing out-loud what they plan to do that the other actors in the play can’t hear or hear well. The audience, however, hears them and that helps the audience understand better what is going on. It is also called direct address to the audience.

Poems in general might be considered soliloquies to the reader of the poet’s thoughts. For this prompt one may want to add a dramatic context perhaps as a brief paragraph explaining the scene and then let the poem express one character’s perspective on that context, or perhaps even more than one character’s perspective on the context with multiple soliloquies.

Or, write a poem where you talk to yourself weighing different alternatives or where you try to find an explanation for something that doesn’t make sense or where you simply express how you feel about something. You are saying this mainly to yourself like an entry in a journal or diary. It is you whom you have to convince.”

After starting a new life in another place, years pass, life changes, and thoughts crowd her head.  Stay or go back to a former life.

It was impulsive,
perhaps foolish
to move here,
particularly when
I was not doing it
for myself. Back east
are my family and close
friends. Some are unable
to fly to the other side
of the country. Why did
I not see this in the larger
scope of things. I find
it difficult here to pursue
new friendships. I have one
friend here, with whom I
worked in those primary
days–phase of one’s
life where strong bonds
are formed. The beauty
around me is lovely,
but an ache persists.
Other issues arise,
that I will not be
able to deal with alone,
nor place on the shoulders
of one. Should I stick
it out, with doubts,
or move back hoping
not to feel that life
is a clock–going counter-


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