“trees naked and white”

Written for:  The Twiglets #132 – “trees naked and white”

When trees are bone-bare
in cold air of Winter
twigs snap frail forms.
Torso of the Sycamore is
smooth year round, as bark
strips fall and scatter.
Yet in Summer, Sycamores are
bejeweled in green, branching
out in miniature on sides .
Winter washes tree limbs bare
except when they are ornately
adorned, and sparkling–models
gowned in fashions of snow.

sky patched in blue
a glimpse of puzzle pieces
looking through bare boughs

There was a young girl from Sea Bright
Who loved to dance naked in moonlight
Full trees were her cover
until she discovered
Fall swept in one night, leaves took flight. She was in spotlight.


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Child’s POV of Nature

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday, “Lost and Found:  Nature’s Magic”
(Posted by Merrill)

“I found some inspiration again in “Brainpickings.” The post is about a book called Lost Words by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris. I haven’t read it, but I think I may have to buy it! The book came about because the Oxford children’s dictionary dropped some words describing the natural world in favor of words such as “broadband” and “cut and paste.” McFarlane says they wanted the book “to catch at the beauty and wonder – but also the eeriness and otherness – of the natural world.” There are acrostic “spell poems” to bring back the words, as well as illustrations.

So today, I want you to conjure the magic of nature in your haibun. Think about the words, too, as of course, you do in poetry anyway. You may want to try to catch the magic as a child sees it—you when you were younger or perhaps a child or grandchild. Have you lost that sense of wonder, or have you found it again?”


Sappy leaves fell. They looked  like nose plugs. We would pick
them off the ground and stick them on our noses. We figured
they must have come from the famous Nose Tree.

We never knew dandelions were considered “dreaded weeds”.
Their yellow flowers smiled like sun.  That it was possible
to make wine from dandelions was knowledge acquired later.
Daisies told the truth. Had power to render you distraught. 
I do not pick them anymore.

squirrel races up tree
dog believes he can catch it
acorns fall on dog’s head.

Haibun Monday–Lost and Found: Nature’s Magic

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laundry on line

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1683 Troiku month (12) White Valley Clouds

after the rain
breathing deeply
white valley clouds

© Jane Reichhold (Taken from: “A Dictionary of Haiku”)

Here is my attempt:

after the rain
slim soaked clothing on lines
fluttering shapes filled out

breathing deeply
cool fresh scent fills nostrils
crisp linens drying

white valley clouds
puff out in mannequin forms
clothes dancing outdoors


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At Last

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – Prompt #253 – Preamble to Summer
“Give us an image of the idylls of Summer to make the anticipation of this season worth our while. Evoke a smile, illicit a tear, give your Summer whatever twist it needs to make us forget the lead up into its arrival. We, the people expect more from Summer than most months of the years. Write your preamble to Summer.”

at sky
each morning
to seek sun’s smile of
brilliance. When sky blue heaven met
navy ocean and skin warmed in heat of day, I knew
the season of leisure, and romance had finally arrived. I could indulge, carefree.


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Going West

Written for:  Sunday Whirl, Wordle #409

Words:  cages, soap, trip, border, evil, deny, cross, why, stench, floor, cells, sleep

He denied any evil crossed
our paths on trip to the western
border. Then why was the floor
blood-stained, and stench
like that of a caged dead animal?
No amount of soap and water
could wash away filth
that crept into every cell,
daring you to fall asleep.
Were we leaving hell
or entering it?


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Washed in Blue

Written for:  Sunday Muse #61


Photo Artistry by Erik Johansson Master Photo-manipulation Artist

Extend beaches
with indigo, aqua,
and cerulean. Wooden
planks disappear, but,
I am here to see
the sea, and feel
it cover me. Where
I came from, where
I will go. Gulls cry
in monochrome sky.


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Lights and Shadows

Written for:  Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads – Weekend Mini-Challenge –
“Summer Solstice”  (posted by Toni)

“Today on this day after summer solstice, I want you to mark the occasion – to pay attention to the sunrise and dawn, to mark the passing of the sun. Ancient cultures did this – Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Chaco Canyon for examples. The sun pattern on Chichen Itza for the spring equinox looks like a serpent – “the return of the Sun Serpent.


Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun on Summer Solstice

In today’s Chaco Canyon, the Ancestral Puebloan people, who were expert sky watchers, carved spiral designs into rock to track the seasons and the passage of time. In this canyon is a petroglyph called the Sun Dagger because of the way the sun’s wedge-shape beams strike it in midday during the summer and winter solstices.


I want your feelings about this summer – the fresh berries you had on your cereal for breakfast, the cobbler you baked, the bees you watched pollinating the flowers, the minnows swimming in the creek, the way you watched the sunrise or set, the water on sand. I want your stillness, your mindfulness, your reverence for this day. I want your joy about the beginning of summer and your vacation!”

Shadow steps
climb up siding
as sun strikes.
Dog lies down
in patch of light. Sister’s gift–
lantana plants which

attract butterflies–
dots of yellow and orange.
swarms with bees.
Light lasts longer on
solstice night.


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Written for:  Carpe Diem #1682 Troiku month (11) The Wind Of Fuji

“For this first regular episode of this new week I have chosen a haiku by my master, Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) and maybe you know it, because I think we have had this haiku earlier here at CDHK.”

Mt. Fuji

Here is the haiku to work with:

the wind of Fuji
I’ve brought on my fan
a gift from Edo

© Basho

Here is my attempt:

the wind of Fuji
swirls snow in spiral clouds
strong at mountain’s peak

I’ve brought on my fan
pleated creases of wind
a heavy load

a gift from Edo
Home of snow-topped Mt. Fuji
caught in folds of fan


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Swept Away

Written for:  Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #89 – Extreme Haibun . . . Rain

An extreme haibun is, as you maybe remember, a haibun is prose and poetry together, a kind of symbiosis so to say. I will give you a theme and than I challenge you to create an extreme haibun with a maximum of 100 words including the poems.

For this extreme haibun I have chosen the theme “RAIN”. Create a haibun themed rain and share it with us all here at our Haiku Kai.

Years ago, a powerful rain storm swept though our neighborhood. On one
of the main streets, stood a seafood restaurant, fronted by a large
boat. The rain raced down so fiercely, that the boat became unmoored,
and floated down the street.

No one was happy about the rainstorm; several basements in the
area were flooded. But the sight of that boat taking off down
the street, produced laughs and a good story to remember.

a vivid medley
flowers arrayed in front yards
Result of Spring rain


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A Quatrain

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – “Quatrain” (posted by Frank)
“The poetry form for the next two weeks will be the quatrain, a poem with one or more four lined stanzas variously patterned with rhyme and meter. Welcome to the pub.”

There is the rhyme pattern ABAB called “interlaced”, “alternate” or “heroic. The example provided is Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”.


There she stood before my eyes
older now by many years.
Here I stand in shocked surprise
holding back a well of tears.


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