Written for:  Poets United Midweek Motif~Climate Change  (posted by Susan)
“So many global statements have been made about climate change ~ both learned and popular ~ that I implore myself and you to do something different in our poetry: Make it personal and specific. Amplify an aspect of the world so that others can see it too. Whatever your politics and moral positions are when it comes to climate change ~ let us see details, the evidence of your senses, your time and your spirit. Make us hear, see, touch your world. “

“Action is the antidote to despair.” ~ Edward Abbey

“Climate change ignores borders, but so do friendship and solidarity. It is time for national interests to give way to the global good.” ~ Dr Saleemul Huq

Image result for pictures of deer

Forests are thinning,
whether by wild fires
or land-grabbers. Deer
appear on suburban lawns
and sidewalks. Situation
at night is treacherous.
Deer have eyes on sides
of their heads allowing
310 degree vision. They look
for clear spaces in which
to cross. Many do not make it.
Aside from Deer Crossing
signs, a new sign states,
“Deer Crash Site”. Breaks
my heart to see this. These
sweet, graceful creatures
have lived in harmony
alongside people in
Nara, Japan for 1300 years.
We need to respect
their right to live.

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On A Cold Note

Written for:  Poetic Asides #468 – Write a note poem.
“My first thought is that this is a poem written as a short note to someone. Maybe a list of tasks to perform, a note about the state of the house, or a love note. But there are also musical notes. And I can’t help but note that there are probably other ways to make notations in poetic form. So have at it.”

He left her
a blue note
of regret

She read his
scrawled words
and bet

this was not
his first blue note,
that he had

left others before her
whom he could not face.
With next woman

might she break it off
with a quick text,
‘sorry, u r no asset.’?

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Buson’s Memorial Day

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1587 Buson’s Memorial Day (busonki) (January 17th)

“Today it’s January 17th and that is Buson’s Memorial Day (or busonki) and it’s also a classical kigo for winter. So according to the meaning of this day … Buson’s Memorial Day … I have a nice challenge for you all … create a “fusion-ku” from the two haiku I will give you hereafter … and create a Troiku with your “fusion-ku”.

“Here are the two haiku by Buson to use:”

someone goes by wearing a hood
in his own darkness
not seeing the harvest moon

the first light snow
then when the bowl of the sky is empty
the moon hanging in the bamboos

© Yosa Buson

fusion haiku:

walking with head down
startled by sudden bright light
moon peeking through bamboos


walking with head down
snowflake lands on open hand
Winter has come 

startled by sudden bright light
rabbit races home
snow falls under moon

Winter has come
squirrel sees super blood moon
tail rustles like feather

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last leaf

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1586 withered leaves
“Withered leaves” is our modern kigo for today’s episode. It’s taken from Jane Reichhold’s “A Dictionary of Haiku” section: winter, subsection: plants. A wonderful modern kigo to work with I think so no further explanation needed.

withered leaves

Withered Leaves

up to a branch
wind took a winter leaf
let it fall again

cooling the colors
withered leaves

frost spikes
the growing cold
of withered leaves

© Jane Reichhold

Here is my attempt:

wrapped in frost
last withered leaf on tree
shivers as it falls

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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics:  “Shed some light on this today!”  (posted by Lillian)
“As a former English and drama high school teacher in the 1970s; with a communications major, an intense interest in language, and a strong belief in the power of words, I am always amazed at the delineation of meanings one spelling can have in the English language. I’m a bit hung up today, on this one word: s-h-e-d. She’d known all along, there was a secret in that old wood shed. And if she knew the answer, it would shed meaning on so many things! Yep. You’ve got it. The prompt for today: write a poem (any form; rhyming or not) that includes the word “shed” or a form of the word. I expect to see lots of diversity in the posts for today. Shed your inhibitions and let your imaginations run with it!”

He gave me some wood
but I had no shed

I gave him a blanket
but he had no bed

Together we built
a woodshed with bed.

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moon kissing

Written for:  The Twiglets #110 – “kiss the moon”

Instead of landing
on the moon,
give it a grateful
kiss as you spin by.


If you kiss
the moon,
it smiles crescent
at you.

“To the moon Alice,” threatened Ralph Kramden
I need that money for an invention I’m handlin’
Must have space on TV
My gadget will sell, you’ll see
Live on air, Ralph froze, stared. Gadget failed; Norton got dragged in.

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Written for:  Carpe Diem #1585 – Icicles (tsurara)

“The prompt for today is Icicles (tsurara) and that’s a classical kigo for “late winter”, but in my opinion that’s not completely true, because Icicles we see through whole winter.”


Icicles (image found on Pixabay)

“I have found a wonderful haiku on ‘icicles’ written by Issa:”

night wind —
the shrine’s icicles
reflect the lights

© Kobayashi Issa

icicles hanging
at the gutter of the old mansion
sun’s reflections

© Chèvrefeuille (our host)

Here is my attempt:

series of pings
warm sun heats the earth, melting
icicles break on ground

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Winter tan renga with Jane

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1584 – Winter renga with Jane Reichhold – Spots of Blue
“Today I love to challenge you to create a renga with Jane Reichhold. I will give you six haiku written by her to work with (including the six modern kigo) and create a renga with. As you all know in this feature you can choose your own “line-up” of the given haiku and you have to add the two lined stanza between them. Try to make the “chain” complete by using the “hokku” and the “ageku” rule, that means the last stanza, the ageku, has to be connected to the first stanza, the hokku, through association.”

“Here are the six modern kigo I have chosen: air, dawn, moon, stars, first light and sunset. And here are the haiku to work with:”

frost sharp air
cut into pieces by sunshine
sparkling on snow

sun strengthens, heat melts snow
frosty air thaws, shapes change

winter dawn
sounds of blowing snow
sleeping birds

in soft sounds of snow blowing
birds snooze into late dawn

spots of blue
varying the light to fit
tracks in the snow

gulls hunting and pecking
leave imprints of sharp claws

cold winds
rounding snow-capped peaks
a full moon

moon lends eerie light to peaks
in the cold winds of darkness

before one star
beams from the lighthouse
search the sky

fog blows in gray smoke, veils sky
lighthouse beams guide the sailors

ocean sunset
staying by the window
’till the color sinks


as sunset sinks in the sky
patches light up spots of ocean

© Jane Reichhold (Extracted from “A Dictinary of Haiku”)

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Written for:  The Sunday Muse #39


Seems we are the last
two left of our species.
Grasses have dried brown
and brittle. Yet, under
steel clouds, a hint
of gold–a sunset. Come,
do not be fearful. We will
start a new herd, and they
will be sturdy and smart.
We will not become extinct.

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Lack of Care

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #387

Words:  calls, wild, world, repenting, knees, walk, lonely, pebbles, love, air, trees, despair

We need to take a knee,
protest and repent
our treatment of the wild,
their lonely calls of despair,
trees growing in polluted
air, pebbles tossed without
love or care. Walk along
shores where oil-slicked
fish lay dying. We have
poisoned their world.

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