Written for:  Go Dog Go Café – Tuesday Writing Prompt:  “Brave heart(s)”

Do we cherish them enough,
those brave heart first responders
who put their own lives in peril

for ours?



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“holding light”

Written for:  The Twiglets #170 – “holding light”

She was enchanted
by fireflies
holding light.

Lit candles hold
their light, flickering
and tattooing shapes
on the wall.

people close to me
take away light held inside
their death dims my world

A inept burglar, one Wednesday night
with pal, attempted a heist despite
lack of experience
no thought of consequence.
At height of heist, no batteries in flashlight.

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Written for:  Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Countdown:  T-minus 1
“Write a cycle poem.”

Tall, thin, he rode
a unicycle all over
Greenwich Village.
Since I had not ridden
a regular bicycle
in years, I was awed
by this act. Ever after,
I imagine riding
a unicycle. That is why
they call it imagination.

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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun 30/03/20:  Snapshots of our Lives
(posted by Kim)
“I’m Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, your host for this Haibun Monday. For my challenge, I ask you to go back into your archives to search for an autobiographical poem, one of which you are particularly fond or one that lends itself to the task in hand.”

As a child, I wrote short stories.  Then, nothing for years.
While working in the circus ring of Wall Street, I began
writing short stories again as a personal escape.

A good friend persuaded me to let him read some of my work.
He loved it, spent weeks persuading me to take a class.
Mustering up what tiny amount of courage I had, I signed
up for classes at NYU. A changed person left that room,
with solid information and critique. I moved forward.

How sad that when I found my niche in poetry, I could not
share it with my friend. His life ended September 11th.

in mother’s warm nest
wee robin afraid to fly
coaxed softly, he soared

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Written for:  Poetics Aside April PAD Countdown:  T-minus 2
“Write a hope poem.”

My best hope now
is for a genie
in a bottle
to grant me
a wish of restored
health and calmness.

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Joe Has A Bad Day

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #449

Words:  maze, wreck, crawl, back, armed, last, trapped, hand, stash, land, chatter, saw

Armed with twenty-four
rolls of toilet paper
to add to his stash,
Joe rushes out to
his car only to discover
it has vanished. There
he stands, back aching,
trapped in Shoprite’s
parking lot. A wreck,
Joe pushes his cart
through a maze of cars,
hoping to be mistaken
about where he left it.
As last, he sits defeated
on a curb, head in hands,
listening to overloaded
shoppers chatter through
their face masks. An ant
lands and crawls across
his shoe. He watches it.
Joe pokes around in his
jacket for his phone.
Last time he saw it,
was on the front seat
of his car.

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Not Every Change is Good

Written for:  Sunday Muse #101

spray paint

When bricks age
their colors change
adding character
to a wall. If you
persist in ruining
this wall by graying
it with colorless
concrete, I will be
forced to continue
tagging it in bright
spray paints.

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Response to “Birches” by Frost

Written for:  Poetic Asides Countdown to April PAD – T-minus 3

A milder March gives way to
April’s indecisiveness. Budded
trees may open only to close
like delicate daffodils
in chill wind. So sad
am I to see a promising
bud wither before it has
a chance to grow. What
to plant this year–and
when. Nothing like fresh
herbs from your own garden,
and lavender to sway
in breezes, perfuming
a yard. As flowers are
dependent on Mother Nature
to flourish, eventually they
die out. I wonder how long
their season is compared
to my own.

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Written for:  Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Countdown:  T-minus 4
“Write an elegy.”

Lucille lived but a brief time
She liked her cigarettes and wine
Some thought her crass; Lucille had a heart
She lived life fully, then did depart

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A Magic 9 Poem

Written for:  Poetics Aside Countdown to April Challenge-Countdown:  T-minus 5

A non-computer virus lives,
spreading illness, death and fear.
Our country tops the rest, yet active
measures happen state by state, while
our orange leader’s objective
is to have churches filled by Easter.
Our doctors, nurses, first responders give
their all, working ’round the clock with severe
lack of protection, which we cannot forgive.

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