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If Dogs Read Newspapers

Dogs roam ranch on vacation from owners.  Appropriate medications have been dispensed, kibble quickly consumed. Newsboy tosses paper.  Nasty taste of plastic packaging, gripped in the teeth of a golden retriever.  Greyhound grabs the sports section; impatient boxer dances at … Continue reading

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Forget-me-not Haiku

Curve of dainty blue Flowers grew in sun or shade Bade, forget me not.     Written for

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Sunday Wordle #67: frenzy, strange, channel, attack, ball, rough, robust, settle, wayward, falling, life, sublime

Falling Through Life Wayward girl, falling through life in a frenzy, unable to channel her strangeness into a robust ball rolling smoothly down hill and settling on even ground, instead of clawing her way through rough terrain, ever on guard … Continue reading

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When You Think of Sound

White Sound  Woosh, sush, sss is white sound all around with eyes closed or open, standing or laying down. Crescendo of a wall of water, a rolling surf transcending, transforming all to calm tranquility, sounds of sea.   Written for … Continue reading

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A Choka (form of Japanese origin)

Timid Souls Meeting in meadow, bird watchers wrapped in beauty of nature’s backdrop–tinted to enhance feathers of sky fliers–click cameras, turn, startling starlings mid-song.   Written for Poetic Bloomings

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A poem in 12 words

Timing  She cleaved He wrenched She unnerved him. Each found balance too late.       Written for We Write Poems #115-poem in 12 words

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Thoughts on Winter, without using winter words

Version of Winter  Translucent skin once rosy, elastic, substantial– pales– planed down to final layer. Essence on surface, age spots skim veins. Sheets white, pillow thin, twig stretched arms like child-drawn stick figures, shake. Rattling sounds of old windows fighting … Continue reading

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Meaning   Mirrored in a lake Haunted face, sad smile, dull eyes Yourself, inside out     Written for haiku-heights,

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Written for the victims and families in Aurora, Colorado

  Demon He rolled red tongue out of sight. Horns covered features of fiery evil cloaked behind black mask. Dressed in midnight ink, slithered in, hiss of snake. Colored gases burst, gunshots. Will it matter why? shared at

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Betrayal (double shadorma)

She listened closely to his words, his yearnings. She touched his arm, her fingers lingering as she leaned toward him. Jasmine scent sent shivers. He became a betrayer. Which one felt more guilt?   Written for Poetic Bloomings

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