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Poem begun with a line from another’s poem

I Am Obsessed ( a loop poem) I am obsessed, half crazy with this craving, consumed, bewitched, the all-enslaving path to my heart glitters with diamond paving. Your smoky brown eyes, hot, persuading me to embark on a love affair, … Continue reading

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First Dawn’s drapes part at day Hummingbirds sip at nectar Late bird misses worm ——————————-  First fresh young man waits Feet tap `til center opens Uncle Sam beckons   Written for haiku-heights.blogspot.com/FIRST

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Sunday Wordle #65: humility, swells, plants, spray, claim, refrain, flicks, chain, trigger, relishes, crack, grittle, gravity

Black and White Nothing like the old black and white flicks where swells danced in fancy dress, and some- times the crack of gunfire was heard, spray of bullets from hired heavy with nervous trigger finger–a laughing psycho– who relished … Continue reading

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