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Written for the victims and families in Aurora, Colorado

  Demon He rolled red tongue out of sight. Horns covered features of fiery evil cloaked behind black mask. Dressed in midnight ink, slithered in, hiss of snake. Colored gases burst, gunshots. Will it matter why? shared at http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/

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Betrayal (double shadorma)

She listened closely to his words, his yearnings. She touched his arm, her fingers lingering as she leaned toward him. Jasmine scent sent shivers. He became a betrayer. Which one felt more guilt?   Written for Poetic Bloomings

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Sea Salvation  I fling my pale-as-powder body on blanket covered sand, watch sun spray golden rays across sea-salted ocean waves.  My face blushes rosy as I devour erotica, fingers pushing stray hairs behind my ears.  When my eyes close, I … Continue reading

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