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Walking In His Boots

  Photo taken by Jo Hedwig Teuuwisse My father’s love affair with Italy endured years past Work War II, in language of the land, love of its people, food, wine, architecture.  Several years ago, I traveled to Italy, stepping in … Continue reading

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Why I Write

I write to lessen demons. I write because I love language. I write to express emotions. I write to prod others to feel. I write what I cannot say. I write to create other worlds. I write to become other … Continue reading

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Campaign Mud mires candidates spots their shirts, sticks to shoes. Ads strike like hammer blows as one tries to nail the other.  Issues are erased in the face of which one becomes submerged, first.

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Sunday Wordle #80: women, think, damaged, men, wish, way, single, thread, within, bound, power, we

Dual Standards of Singleness  Unmarried men, elusive bachelors, whether dressed in casual denim or fine threads, believe they can have their way with single women, who surely must be damaged and wishing they could snare this single prize of a … Continue reading

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Wicked Haiku

Wickedness rules night Ready for flight, black hat stiff Doused by louse, she melts  Cackling from cursed lips Pointed hat hiding pooled drool Next year I will rise   Written for

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  Outer lines of loosely woven crochet, spacious in open light of truthful possibilities, narrow in ensuing intricacy of pattern.  Ever tightening, trapping, squeezing the neck of notions, until branches of meandering threads flow no more.  Impossible to separate honesty … Continue reading

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During nine day spate, while we tried all methods to move the unmovable, I held emotions  in check, swallowing, blinking back threatening tears, aching for my haven, home, where my cloud-filled eyes could burst, my face swell blotchy red, lie … Continue reading

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Fantasy (a shadorma)

She returns to earth winged spirit alighting on a leaf’s silver tear. Unseen, she observes.

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A note to Poetic Asides followers

The site will not let me post at all.  You all did a wonderful job with this prompt. You can find mine on this blog.

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I Am

Do you see me? Who am I? Daughter, sister, wife– roles given, role chosen by me, a woman human being whose internal conflict waged war, lit a flame that nearly burnt to ashes, all she was or could become, but … Continue reading

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