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Staten Island Ferry

If you catch the Staten Island ferry at sunset, watery waves of color will ripple toward you. Stand in the rear, turn around, and watch Manhattan meld into a collage of building and light. Written for Poetic Bloomings/Day 9 Boats … Continue reading

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The Old Pond

Matsuo Basho: The old pond A frog jumps in- The sound of water My additional two lines: Frog croaks, splashing drops tinkle Faint music on lilypad   Written for Carpe Diem #5/Tan Renga

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Jasmine Oil (a tanka)

Jasmine-perfumed oil Cleopatra on the Nile Ancient pyramids Drop dabbed behind ears at night Dreams scented in mystery   Written for Carpe Diem Special #1/ Freestyle – any form, any poem

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