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Water Surprise

sweeping the porch bright prints of raindrops followed by splashes (Jane Reichhold)   Straw hat shaded book Rocked, reading under dark cloud First fat drops smeared ink (Sara)   Written for Carpe Diem/Special #47 Write a poem in the same … Continue reading

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What He Saw

What He Saw Years called him old. Age clouded his eyes, that twinkled blue behind the haze. Arthritis accelerated, crooking his fingers, hunching his neck. In his mind, he walked tall, nimble fingers played ball, and all the songs of … Continue reading

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Searching Sand

Wave washed away words around which shells were placed. Kneeling, she tried to find missing words, whole shells.  Written for Poetic Bloomings – Day 17 Ekphrasis (photo prompt)

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Half Full

If your brain was composed of a hundred gallons of water, you should be able to learn everything, cup by cup.  If you have no thirst, eventually water will evaporate.   Written for  http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/water table

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