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Winter Solstice

Jane Reichhold’s haiku: winter solstice warmth of friends return the sun  Sara: Winter cabin Fireplace replaces Warm glow of sun   Written for Carpe Diem #49 Write in same tense, tone, and Spirit as Jane.

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Beach Silhouette

On an evening late in summer, sun scarcely gone from sky, I see a silhouette muted edges, shadow of an early moon. Written for Poetic Bloomings – Day 29/ Write about a silhouette set before you. What is this silhouette?

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Phil’s Passion

New take on the old, ‘guess how many jellybeans are in the jar.’  Now it is a game involving attachment of balloons to the ancient cherished car of Phil, eldest resident in the valley.  Folks are betting on the number … Continue reading

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Sunday Wordle #119 rain, strength, rooted, revisited, scarce, eroded, last, crows, wove, one, cells, vegetation

Reign of Crows  Then there was that one time, it rained crows.  The strength of their wings, and raucous caws uprooted trees, eroded vegetation, and wove an evil tapestry throughout the land.  Many thought they were being revisited by plague, … Continue reading

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