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Native American’s Vision Quest

Indian boy seeks Supreme voice on vision quest Clarifies being   Clarifies being Adult emerges from child Fuses with nature   Fuses with nature Spirits enter his body He understands place   He understands place Elders help him decipher Visions … Continue reading

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Dapper at the podium, flashing whitened teeth, confident the crowd is in the palm of his hand. Suddenly someone shouts, “Bull.”  Others join in.  These folks will not be flanneled.   Written for:  http://margo.roby.com/poetry tryouts/ “Flannel me this”  

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Many early roads in younger years were crooked, fraught with a sense of failure, yet each dark direction brought new knowledge of alternative ways to live, and paved a smoother path. Most recent traversed road was wider, scarier because of age, … Continue reading

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