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Lonely Rose

Beginning frost Wild winds tossed leaves Lone, lost, red rose Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai/ “Little Ones” #6 3 lines of 4 syllables of some rhyme: XXXA/ XXAX/ XAXX

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Not So Funny

Saucer-wide, like two cooked eggs, his eyes stare above a bulbous red nose, while underneath a painted mouth of exaggerated horror grins maniacally. Add to that, a wild fringe of hair protruding from sides of head, and you have a … Continue reading

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Sunday Wordle #131: tentacles, balance, brick, notices, mouth, trash, gravel, everything, vacant, amalgam, cheat, fence, nothing

Villain His gravelly throat spews trash words from a mouth full of teeth like broken fences.  A cheat.  Nothing he says can be believed.  With vacant, unbalanced eyes, he is an amalgam of everything evil depicted on nailed up notices, … Continue reading

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