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Study of Science

They use their learning culled from rigorous research, and experimentation, pare it down to the basic elements, and write a killer science fiction tale. Written for poetryblogroll.blogspot.com Midweek Motif/Science

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A Brevette

Coliseum e  c  h  o  e  s screams of gladiators. Written for Creative Bloomings InForm:  Brevette subject (noun), verb, and object in this exact order. Verb should show ongoing action by spacing out the letters in the verb.    

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The Bottom Line

A nightclub for the younger set,a perfect venue, was born.They called it, The Bottom Line,and lines did form all alongFourth Street to get in.Tables and chairs, food and drink,sheer intimacy with performingmusicians in a space accessibleto all. From folk to … Continue reading

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