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Artist and Palate

Written for Red Wolf Poems/We Wordle #19 Use any or all of the following words: docked, strip, used, brush, painter, palette, float, bricked, boat, hallucinations, crook, soda, kill, edifice, dies, waterways, surface, otter, vision, art, foregrounding, coil, spiral, rope, roil, … Continue reading

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The Night Café

Written for:  Daily prompt at WordPress One day your favorite piece of art comes to life. What happens next? The cafe closed early the night the proprietor was found murdered in his stock room. The regulars stood like wood figures … Continue reading

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We Can Hear You

  Written for Magpie Tales (Mag #223) If you could hear some of the surveillance conversations, that I have been privy to, well, it is enough to spin my wheels, and turn them red. Just between us, many of those … Continue reading

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