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X Equals What Value?

Written for The Mag #232 What do you make of this painting? Children with wings, people riding sideways on crosses. I see flames of Hell below, being fed by those unfortunate enough to be marked with an “X.” http://magpietales.blogspot.com/2014/08/mag-232.html

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Invitation to A Beach House

Written for The Sunday Whirl #173 Words:  bend, way, parts, case, straight, eye, limit, water, sound, lane, east, grain No way to get lost. Follow signs for ‘East’, stay in the right lane. At the bend you will hear the … Continue reading

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Clean Conversation

Written for Creative Bloomings, “Person-To-Person” Today we link back to the last prompt where we were asked to personify our muse. Take some of that magic and personify two things in nature or around your house. Write a poem using … Continue reading

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