Written for:  Carpe Diem’s Time Machine #1, Orange
“Carpe Diem’s Time Machine” and it’s all about “playing again” prompts from our rich Carpe Diem Haiku Kai history. This new feature will become a bi-weekly feature on Saturdays. And, as the name already says, we will “re-play” prompts from our past starting today with Orange, one of the colors of the rainbow. At the start of Carpe Diem (October 2012) we had a “rainbow-week” in November.

In my country (The Netherlands) we have our Royal Family of Orange, orange is a strong color in my country, but orange can also stand for a citrusfruit. Orange flowers and more orange to see around us … what do you think of a beautiful sunset or sunrise


Juice of orange
drink of vitality –
less vibrant than skin

About purplepeninportland

I am a freelance poet, born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I live with my husband, John, and two charming rescue dogs–Marion Miller and Murphy. We spent eight lovely years in Portland, OR, but are now back in New York. My goal is to create and share poetry with others who write, or simply enjoy reading poetry. I hope to touch a nerve in you, and feel your sparks as well.
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4 Responses to Orange

  1. Ah.. This is a sweet one for orange.


  2. menons129 says:

    Orange juice.Yum,yum.


  3. julespaige says:

    I used up some old oranges, a grapefruit and some lemons with some sugar to make a refreshing aide. Best to you and yours in this New Year.
    I played :Here


  4. Myrna Zach says:

    and the new black

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