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See Me Dance

Written for:  The Mag #311 See me dance outside this stuffy Wall Street building. See me dance, I am as wild as my hair, as colorful as my feathers. See me dance, watch their faces. They envy me. I am … Continue reading

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A Dear John Letter

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl #245 & NaPoWriMo – Day 3, Write a fan letter. Words:  threads, root, endless, brief, erotic, witness, claim, grace, rave, empty, feed, speak Dear John Lennon, What a rare, graceful person you were. Speaking for … Continue reading

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Three Cherry Blossom Trees

Written for:  Poetic Asides April 2016 Challenge – Day 3 Take the phrase “Three (blank)”, replace blank with word or phrase, and make it the title of your poem. Raindrops fall through arcing pink umbrellas three cherry blossom trees

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