Written for:  Carpe Diem’s Post 1000 – Reed

Reed was used for many purposes by the Celts. Specifically, they would weave Reeds together to make thatched roofs on their homes. This is where the Reed obtains its symbolism of protection. It is also a natural insulator, and the Celts honored it highly during cold, wet months.
Reed gives off a faint sweet smell when macerated, and so the Celts were known to lay out pressed Reeds as flooring in their homes to deodorize. This was also a practice for cleansing and purifying homes.
Reeds also made good candles, and were viewed as beacons of light during the dark nights.
Reed gets its symbolism of communication from several sources. In the hands of a good craftsman, a Reed would make a fine whistle or flute. These were highly prized amongst the people, particularly bards. Through these flutes and music the spiritually-minded Celts would communicate fantastic worlds of vision, heroism, and beauty.
Secondly, if you are still enough, you can hear Reed sing a song when the wind blows through it. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing it, you know it is an eerie experience. The Celts viewed this as an otherworld voice, and considered it a message of powerful importance.

beads of bright dew
hanging from the Reed
little diamonds

© Chèvrefeuille (our host)

Here is my attempt:

Strong autumn breeze sings
high notes under a thatched roof
made of reeds

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