“I’m a wanderer”

Written for:  Carpe Diem’s Renga With Basho #7 – I’m a wanderer

It is time for a new episode of Carpe Diem’s Renga With Basho the special feature in which I challenge you to create a renga together with the master, with Basho. I will give you six (6) haiku written by Basho. You can choose your own line-up of the haiku. Your task is to create the two-lined stanza between the haiku. Try to create a closed chain through bringing the “hokku” (starting verse) and the “ageku” (closing verse) connected.

Your renga must have a minimum of six (6) verses and may have a maximum of twelve (12) verses. This renga form (12 verses) is called Juunichoo.

Here are the six haiku by Basho, translated by Robert Hass:

all the day long-
yet not long enough for the skylark,
singing, singing.

all through the night until dawn
lullaby for the stars
by the old temple,
peach blossoms;
a man treading rice

scent reminds him of old love
her skin soft as a peach

the shallows –
a crane’s thighs splashed
in cool waves

he shakes his feathers to dry
water trickles down his beak

I’m a wanderer
so let that be my name –
the first winter rain

splashes cold drops on my face
I laugh, and keep on traveling

the dragonfly
can’t quite land
on that blade of grass.

it sways in whoosh of spring breeze
silver green circle green blade

autumn moonlight–
a worm digs silently
into the chestnut.


in tune to the skylark’s song
he feeds serenaded

© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)



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