Written for:  Carpe Diem #1534 Yaha … one of Basho’s ten greatest disciples (crossroads)
“As you all know I see Basho as my sensei, my master, but in his life (1644-1694) Basho had several disciples. Some sources say more than 1000 disciples, but he had ten disciples he appreciated the most. One of those disciples was Yaha (or Yaba) who lived from 1662 to 1740.”

“The task for today is to create a fusion-haiku from the both haiku by Yaha, so this penultimate episode is a “crossroad” episode.”

morning frost –
I think of the shins of my master
on a night with snow

no strength left –
I wrap my arms around my knees
in winter solitude

© Yaha

Yaha was a master in using the Karumi-style as invented by Basho. In a letter Basho wrote to Yaha he writes:

Ah! the uguisu
Pooped on the rice-cakes
On the verandah.

© Basho

“The master’s new poetic ideal in this poem had a deep impact on his disciples, as Yaba wrote:”

[…] “I am utterly impressed by the exceptionally wonderful combination of the warbler and the rice cake. I don’t think one can find any other verse like this. The effect cannot be achieved without the words “excreting on a rice cake.”
The juxtaposition is so magically marvelous that it can only be compared to the masterpiece of the Natural. There may be more combinations like the warbler and rice cake later, but we will never see a line like “excreting on a rice cake.” In these words lies the soul of the poem.” […]

Here is my fusion attempt:

under morning frost
after night heavy with snow
poop under the veranda


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