new year troiku

Written for:  Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #65 – Crossroads . . . troiku
New Year’s Eve – “fusion-ku”
“I have chosen to challenge you with a “Crossroads” episode with a “twist”. The goal of this weekend meditation is to create a “fusion ku” and a Troiku with that “fusion ku”. The theme I have chosen for this last weekend meditation is “New Year’s Eve” and here are the haiku to work with, both by Jane Reichhold and taken from her online “dictionary of haiku”:”

a new year
rising from wild seas
a few stars

the glass with candlelight

© Jane Reichhold


under stars, new year
bubbles with moonlit champagne
fills sky with light


under stars, new year
arrives across the earth
at different hours

bubbles with moonlit champagne
hope for a new year
of peace and light

fills sky with light
silvery and pale gold hue
year of unity

About purplepeninportland

I am a freelance poet, born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I live with my husband, John, and two charming rescue dogs–Marion Miller and Murphy. We spent eight lovely years in Portland, OR, but are now back in New York. My goal is to create and share poetry with others who write, or simply enjoy reading poetry. I hope to touch a nerve in you, and feel your sparks as well.
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  2. Wow what a wonderful Troiku you have crafted Sara.


  3. A wonderful troiku Sara ! I wish you a very Happy New Year !


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