Toast To You All

Written for:  Poets and Storytellers United

“Since we have united poets and storytellers in our name, it felt right to fully open our doors to prose. Yep, starting today, both our Sunday and Wednesday features will accept poems and stories and articles and… we’ll just love words all around. If you wish to know more, visit our “About this Community” and “Prompts and Features” pages. Better yet, join us every week. 😉

Now, I better stop babbling… and invite you to add your direct link to a poem or story or article (new or old) of your choosing. As always, prose contributions should be 369 words or fewer. Don’t forget to visit other poets and storytellers. Let them know what their words do for you… Also, please know that we all understand relocation isn’t easy. But, like Jodi Picoult so eloquently suggests, home is people. Let’s be people together.”

This poem relocates,
celebrates a new

This poem pops
champagne, entertains,
and toasts you all.

About purplepeninportland

I am a freelance poet, born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I live with my husband, John, and two charming rescue dogs–Marion Miller and Murphy. We spent eight lovely years in Portland, OR, but are now back in New York. My goal is to create and share poetry with others who write, or simply enjoy reading poetry. I hope to touch a nerve in you, and feel your sparks as well.
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15 Responses to Toast To You All

  1. Oh thank you for the lifted glass and the good wishes so joyously expressed! A very Happy New Year to you too!


  2. Sip-sip, yum-yum!

    Thank you for the treat.


  3. jaerose37 says:

    What an uplifting toast – happy new year to you (and new poems)


  4. Ron. says:

    Well, champagne’s cool, but is the bar opened yet?


  5. oldegg says:

    Thank you for the toast, personally I’ll skip the champagne and have a glass of pino noir instead!


  6. hypercryptical says:

    Cheers to you too Sara.
    Lovely happy words from you!
    Anna :o]


  7. Regine Karpel says:



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