Occupational Dreams

Written for:  Miz Quickly - Day 18

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
                                ~ George Eliot

Had I talent
for singing,
I would pursue
that dream now–
me and my 
rock'n roll band
playing concerts
to excited fans.


an artist working
in mixed media.
Attended drawing
classes in my 60's,
thrilled by what
I could accomplish.
Every so often, I will
myself to pull out
pad and pencils,
and try sketching
again.  Then I peer
at my results.  Too
much forgotten,
easily discouraged.

At age ten, I had
a yen to become
a writer.  Poetry
has my heart and soul.
Perhaps that was
always my goal.


About purplepeninportland

I am a freelance poet, born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I live with my husband, John, and two charming rescue dogs–Marion Miller and Murphy. We spent eight lovely years in Portland, OR, but are now back in New York. My goal is to create and share poetry with others who write, or simply enjoy reading poetry. I hope to touch a nerve in you, and feel your sparks as well.
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7 Responses to Occupational Dreams

  1. It must be worth the effort


  2. Sadje says:

    It’s great to realize one’s dreams.


  3. Ron. says:

    I do a fair amount of other “artistic” things (music, drawing, woodwork) but I’m fully aware that I’m only (reasonably) good at writing. Okay be me.
    Nice write.


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