Meeting Stephen King

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub - MTB:  Go French with 
Bref Double  (posted by Bjorn)

"First of all, there is no requirement for a meter, though sources say that all lines should be of similar lengths. Secondly, the content is free, meaning that there is no requirement for a conclusion (or volta), and when it comes to rhymes it seems to be almost free as well. The sources are many and not always consistent."

What I have gathered so far:

It is built up from three end rhymes (a, b, and c)
It also includes unrhymed lines (x)
Rhymes a and b are used once in each of the quatrains and in the couplet
Rhymes c is used as end lines in each of the quatrains.

This would make these possible rhyme schemes


Only Stephen King
would have a spiderweb gate
in front of a Victorian Manor.
I would love to see the inside.

Wonder how the bell rings,
I picture a clown's maniacal scream,
or perhaps funereal chimes–not glamor.
Are there rules to which one must abide?

If invited, what would I bring?
Assorted pastries seem a bit bland,
Hmm.  Maybe some black petit fours.
Well, I'd probably be completely tongue-tied.

Still, it would be awe-inspiring,
Stephen has a certain allure. 

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I am a freelance poet, born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I live with my husband, John, and two charming rescue dogs–Marion Miller and Murphy. We spent eight lovely years in Portland, OR, but are now back in New York. My goal is to create and share poetry with others who write, or simply enjoy reading poetry. I hope to touch a nerve in you, and feel your sparks as well.
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17 Responses to Meeting Stephen King

  1. “Well, I’d probably be completely tongue-tied.”
    Spoken like a true fan!


  2. merrildsmith says:

    I can tell you’re a fan! I imagine he’d be very gracious to anyone invited there.


  3. dorahak says:

    One of my favorite writers is Stephen King, particularly love his short story collections. So I’m alongside you in front of the Victorian manor, wondering. Chances are the first noise we’d hear would be his corgi, Molly, which goes by the moniker, “the Thing of Evil”! 🙂 Wonderful bref double.


  4. This was fun to read, great job with the form!! 👏👏


  5. memadtwo says:

    Probably best left to the imagination…(K)

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  6. Gillena Cox says:

    I tried reading Stephen King a long time ago, got spooked and gave the book away.
    Since then though i have grown courage and i have watched some spooky movies.

    You mastered the form and sung that yo’r fan. Well done.


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  7. I have not been that big of a fan… maybe because I don’t like horror a lot.

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