Holes of the Sea

Written for:  Poems of Garden Gnomes – “End of the Line”
I ask you to pen “ A POEM STARTING WITH AN END LINE FROM ________”. Your poem can be short or long and in any style/ meter/ scheme. It can be from a famous poet or one of our contemporaries. And by all means, once you get to the end of your last line… keep writing. It’s why we’re here.

In the wild holes of the sea
neon fish play.
Water like a pastel dream
lightens a gloomy day.

In the wild holes of the sea
seahorses ferry mermaids
with tails flashing in glowing green
as they have for decades.

In the wild holes of the sea
exotic plants sway in motion
to aquatic dancers whose esprit
fills me with gleeful emotion.

(Written from the last line of “Praise For All Dancers” by Robert Bly)