“swamp gas”

Written for:  The Twiglets #159 – “swamp gas”

Ah, The Northern lights
neon gold, green, and purple
Oh, it’s just swamp grass

He suffers from swamp grass
fever, often turning emerald green.

She stumbled into a swamp.
The resultant redolent gases
were more than her friends could bear.


While exploring localized marshes
he slipped in oversized galoshes
A bog broke his fall
exploded in a ball
but his launch proved to be his catharsis.


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Draw Me a Roar

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille #94 – “Roaring in the New”
(posted by whimsygizmo).
“Today, as we head into the new roaring 20s, I want you to urge your words to roar.
Loan them to a lion, or a dragon. Sit by a roaring fire and put your feet up and see what comes. Make us roar with laughter. Get uproarious, and loud. Or if you feel as though you’ve lost your voice, simply pen those words to the wind and let it do the roaring for you.”


Draw me a roar,
said child.
Parents drew
raging ocean
waves. No,
I want to see
what a roar
looks like.
They explained,
you cannot
draw sound.
Child riposted,
At the beach,
I’ll draw
what I hear
in my ear through
a conch shell.


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Plan B

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 –  Prompt #277 – Idioms
“For this week’s prompt, We’d like a penny for your thoughts. Choose an idiom as inspiration. Don’t cut corners, but you might want to make a long story short. Or, go ahead and burn the midnight oil and give us the whole nine yards. Just don’t sit on the fence. The ball is in your court! Choose your words wisely and write your poem!”

The world is your oyster, little pig
said the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Just then it rained cats and dogs.
The cats were let out of the bags,
and the dogs could not learn new
tricks. Little pig laughed,
wondering how they all would react
when pigs fly. Back to the drawing
board, thought the wolf.


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Insecure Bride

Written for:  Sunday Whirl #438

Words:  file, burn, sign, sugar, bell, bow, buzz, disguise, style, cloth, channel, sign, fly

Mama there’s a fly
buzzing ’round my head.
Do you think it’s a sign
that my bridegroom has fled?

If so, I hope he is channeled
toward bad luck and misery.
Oh, there’s the bell,
I hope he truly loves me.

I am trying to disguise
my fear burning within.
I have pockets of paranoia filed.
I hope my sugar will bow, and grin

at my old-fashioned ways,
the style of my clothing.
Will he be glad to spend his days
with me, Mama–Do you think so?


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Two Sides of a Fox

Written for:  Sunday Muse #90


Blue-eyed side
holds my deepest
thoughts and musings.
I am wary. Who are
you? What do you want
with me?

Brown-eyed side
is trust I find
in you. I will
protect you if
you protect me.
We can be friends.


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Slick in Green

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – For Your Consideration – Something Sinister
“Write about something sinister.”

Scaly, slick, covered
in open sores, he slinks
outside her window–
watching, waiting–she knows
not why. No one in her house
has seen him.  They urge her
to seek help.

She senses him near, fear
runs up her spine. Gelatinous
green droplets slide-skid
down her window. Her screams
of terror wake the others.
They race into her room, brooms
and frying pans at hand.
There is nothing. One morning
she does not show up for
breakfast. They bang on
her door. No answer. Sibilant
sound fills the hall. Warily,
they enter her room. The sight
frightens and repulses them.
The room is empty, except
for green streaks and scales
hanging from an open window.


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Horror–Truth or Imagination

Written for:  Poets and Storytellers United  – (posted by Sanaa)
Weekly Scribblings #1: January is here, with winds that blow kisses ~

For this Weekly Scribblings edition, I want you to pick any three words from the given word list that fit the mood/theme of your prose or poem and write on a topic of your choice. Also, if you opt to write prose, (i.e. stories, essays, articles) then please keep it to 369 words or fewer.

amaryllis              grapefruit               blood               lips              scones 

somewhat            deep                          touch              sky              fervour 

percussion            cast                           gravel             sleep          harbinger

darkness               warmth                    twilight          bedside      cogitation

Inside the grapefruit
ruby red turned
to blood. Horrified
I watched it drip
onto the kitchen counter.
Certain it was
a harbinger of darkness
I ran through the house
turning on every light.
Tip-toed back to kitchen.
The counter was bare.


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Snooze News

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – InForm Poet – Trimeric

“Trimeric is a four stanza poem. The first stanza has four lines, and the remaining three stanzas have three lines each. The first line of stanzas two through four repeat the respective line of the first stanza.”

The sequence of lines, then, is abcd, b – -, c – -, d – -.

Falling asleep in front of the news,
with heavy lids that blink, then close.
More importantly–I’m up for Jeopardy.
Drones drone on, news only gets worse.

With heavy lids that blink, then close
I miss earthquakes, fires, and stupidity.
Sometimes I think it’s a rerun.

More importantly–I’m up for Jeopardy,
after a good snooze during the news.
Some questions I know, but am too slow.

Drones drone on, news only gets worse–
destruction, corruption, domination.
Good time for a nap.


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This Book

Written for:  Poetic  Asides #510 – Write a “This (blank)” poem.

I guess I read
at a slower rate
these days. Each
library loan stays
in my home longer
than it should.
One-weekers are out
of the question. Up
all night reading
is bad for digestion.
My current book
is two-thirds finished,
and due tomorrow. What
are the odds it will be
on time? I guess I’ll
pay another fine.


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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Let’s Get Elemental!  (posed by sarahsouthwest)
“For Christmas this year, my son received a copy of Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersley-Williams. It’s a book of stories about the different elements of the periodic table. I thought it might be fun to write some poems inspired by elements, and that’s what I want you to do tonight. You don’t need to have any knowledge of science to do this – we rub up against the elements every day.”


We are being reconstructed
with the use of titanium.
Any element that will
not corrode in water,
will hopefully be
of a strength to replace
a hip, knee, hand. In years
to come all people will have
titanium parts that can never
be destroyed–a bionic race.
Just another race to lodge
prejudice against.


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