Kept Cooking Into Her 80’s

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - For Your Consideration -
Mother (In-Law)'s Cooking

"Write a list poem:  Nine reasons to eat your mother (in-law)'s 

- My mom could tender a brisket every time.  My sister
and I have given up.

- If you like your stuffed cabbage sweet and sour, Mom's tang 
rang out.

- Crispy fried chicken?  She learned from a southerner
while Dad was stationed in Ft. Jackson.

- Remember homemade french fries?  Yup, she made them from

- Love turkey with stuffing?  You would moan in delight
over Mom's two specialties–chestnut and cornbread.

- Mom taught us how to bake original Toll House chocolate chip 
cookies.  We would try to eat them before they cooled.

- Years ago, I loved her chopped liver, hand ground in an old
steel grinder.  Secret ingredient:  seltzer.

- Though Dad called it rabbit food, Mom's salad ingredients
differed.  Sometimes you'd find chopped scallions, or
radishes, or thin sliced red onion.

- She would be so hurt if I didn't.

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No Price

Written for:  Poets and Storytellers United
Weekly Scribblings #41:  What's The Price  (posted by Rommy)

Write your interpretation of the question:  What is it worth?

A comfortable home,
warm and cozy.  Pets
of your choice to cuddle

Food in the pantry,
so you will never know hunger.
Clothing to keep you protected

Do you have your health?
Wealth cannot guarantee it.
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The Vote

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - InForm Poet:  Rondel Supreme

"Today we approach another French poetic form, the Rondel Supreme. This form has the following guidelines:"

.   14-line poem broken into three stanzas.
.   Stanzas one and two have four lines and the last stanza has six
.Rhyme scheme: ABba/abAB/abbaAB
.The (capital letters) refrains repeat as the last lines in the last
 two stanza.
.No restrictions on syllables or subjects.

Please get out there and vote.
You can make a difference;
time to show your presence.
Help keep this country afloat.

Make your voice heard–emote.
Watch closely for interference.
Please get out there and vote.
You can make a difference.

Let us show our moral code
by practicing tolerance,
and if lines are long, persistence.
If you want to strike a note,
please get out there and vote.
You can make a difference.

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Endless Beauty

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub - Three Little Words
(posted by (sarahsouthwest)

"Choose one of the 3-word combinations, and write a poem
3-12 lines long."

field, memory, magic

In my memory I slow-stepped
fields, meandered meadows
of magic color, trees of
every height and type–
scents of pine and hickory
surrounded me.  Water flowed
over outsized rocks.  If you
had an entire day, you still
could not experience all
this blissful park has 
to offer.  I want to go back.
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A Parting

Written for:  Go Dog Go Cafe  (Devereux & Beth)

Use the phrase, "in the fading light"

Twilight drew near,
he blotted her tears,
believing he must serve.
In the fading light, she
looked at him. He seemed
to be already gone.
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“cherry red sky”

Written for:  The Twiglets #198 - "cherry red sky"

When the sky cleared,
it turned maraschino
cherry red.

against the cherry sky,
silhouette of seagulls

on her drawing
she crayons sky carefully
strokes of cherry red

               Her cherry red lipstick enticed him
               so he asked her to dance, on a whim.
                   as he took her hand
                  he wondered what brand
   perfume she wore. Made his throat sore.  Prospects dimmed. 

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In An Anti-Autumn State of Mind

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - Prompt #307 - An Anti-Autumn
State of Mind

"The season changes to something autumnal and thoughts turn to its colorful palette and cozy temperatures and ya-da, ya-da…

Admittedly, Autumn is my favorite season (and mostly for those reasons). But I figure we will change the dynamic here. Think outside the re-usable grocery bag (we ran out of boxes) and write an anti-Autumn poem. Disrespect the colors, demean the smells. Put Halloween in its place.

Do not go gentle into that lousy Autumn. Write it!"

Who needs those shades
of Autumn - too bright,
and macabre Halloween
causing children fright.

The chilly evenings
that bring to mind
the season of death
is not far behind.

Jack-O-Lantern's grimace
that soon turns to rot,
vomiting seeds
over haystacks–a blot.

Who needs Autumn leaves
trampling on graves
of those who have passed
already engraved.
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The Pouting Princess

Written for:  Sunday Whirl, Wordle #477

Words: dribble, pity, ruffle, lament, groan, bawl, inhale, grim, disgust, acquiesce, shrug, inevitably

Her feathers are
ruffled, muffled
at first, becoming
full scale bawling.  
Nose dribbles
as she inhales shaky
breaths.  Poor pitiful
me.  They have seen
this act before–
the grim way she laments 
her privileged life.
Inevitably, she will
acquiesce, settle
down, hint of frown
on her face at their
shrugs of disgust. 
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Lantern Light

Written for:  Sunday Muse #129

I walk by lantern
light, reflecting
the moon
so far
behind me.

I walk by lantern
light in a deserted

I walk by lantern
light.  Where will
it lead me?

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Time Keeps Marching

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - For Your Consideration -


like the caveman
we are learning
to make a fire.
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