Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – InForm Poet:  Dizain

I cannot breathe inside this mask
nor get my fingers to fit the glove,
but I must do what has been asked.
We need to protect the ones we love,
and those on earth whom we are a part of.
Invisible killer thrives among us
affecting young and old. We trust
vaccine will soon be available.
It seems we’ve fallen behind the bus
in equipment being attainable.

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Written for:  Go Dog Go Café – Tuesday Writing Prompt
“Write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.”

How can we bear
the changes
life has hurled at us?

Memorize imperfections
on a wall
until we no longer see them.

No hugs freely given
everyone disguised
as burglars.

Will there be
a return to
our old life, how?

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“a vacant nest”

Written for:  The Twiglets #177 – “a vacant nest”

So glad to see
a vacant nest
hornets gone

A vacant nest
is so much sadder
than a vacant lot.

nest is bare now
I watch from kitchen window
fledglings fend for themselves

A wren appeared at a bird house door
seeking new place to dwell.
Said, hey, this looks swell
Heard amount of rent, and passed out on the floor.

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Chicken and Gossip

Written for dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille #104:  “Oh, We’re in a Fix”
(posted by whimsygizmo).

“Today, I want you to fix your thoughts (and poems) on the word fix.
Whether you fixate on the word awhile, or go for a quick fix, be sure to include some form of the word in your 44-word poem: Fix. Fixture. Fixing. Fixable. Fixation. Fixer-upper.

Who knows, maybe poetry really can fix the world.

Fixin’ to fry up
some crispy chicken,
as doorbell chirps.
Bad timin’ as usual,
Bea Lee, chief
gossip, comes callin’.
Sipping ice tea, she starts.
Who’s getting engaged, divorced,
pregnant. Fixed on listenen’, my golden
chicken chars black. How to
fix this ‘afore dinner?

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In My Mind’s Eye

Written for:  Sunday Muse #108


“Hello Muse people! Here is your weekly image to inspire your writing. Look, mull, write, link,visit! The image is the Aztec Theater in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Once a grand movie palace with full faux Aztec decor inside including ornate pillars, by the time I lived there it was a bargain movie house called the Aztec 3 because it was divided into three theaters. By the time I visited some years later, it was closed. However, I understand that it is being used once again, as a venue for concerts and whatnot. I’m glad the old girl has found new love.”

Ah, such memories
flood my mind. The old
Aztec Theater. We found
it so glamorous
back in the day.
As teens, we never cared
much about what movie
was playing. Sitting
up in that grand balcony,
in the dark, we had other
things on our minds.

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On The Ferry

Written for:  Sunday Whirl, Wordle #456

Words:  dance, distance, liberty, breathe, loser, meet, shy, droplets, ignorant, see, die, kill

In the distance,
Statue of Liberty
breathes in aromas
of New York City
and doesn’t die.
Droplets of rain ping
on the water like
dancers. A shy boy
takes the Staten Island Ferry
to see his girlfriend. As
the boats docks, an ignorant
loser pushes him on purpose.
Tries to give the guy
his killer stare. No impact.
They both let it go.

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Small Stuff

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – Prompt #290 – “Small Isn’t Small After All”
Write about little things that have a big impact.

Hugs are temporarily
forbidden, but smiles
are nice to see.  A
pollinating bee, busy
at work. Scent of my
herb plants–fresh,
green, and growing.
Knowing I live
on a small block
with kind neighbors
who regularly offer


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Two Shadows

Written for:  Poetics Aside Prompt #522 – Write a moon poem.

Moonlight mobilizes
two shadows
to their own music.

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The Race

Written for:  Poetics Aside #521 – Write a half-way poem.

of sweat slick her face.
Heart races,
feet pumping.
She sprints past the half-way mark
hell-bent to finish.

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Free Speaking Fir

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 – For Your Consideration:  Seeing The Forest

Was it something I said? Must
be a trick, and I am the one
they picked to nettle. Slept
so peacefully, listening
to the Nightingale croon.
Being a fine Fir, I know
scent would not be a problem,
especially to that odoriferous
Oak. Actually there is a strange
smell. Oh no! Off in the distance
I see smoke rising. Bending
my branches low, I check
each direction. Had to be
a forest fire, and I am
the only tree left. My leaves
shiver with fear. No doubt,
a human’s carelessness with
matches has caused it. Soon
I will be gone. Soon
there will be no forest.

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