“a bright shadow”

Written for:  The Twiglets #297 - a bright shadow

As the steely shadows
slid upwards, a bright
rainbow filled the sky.

On a night wall,
shadowy figures 
slipped through,
leaving in their wake
bright halo of an angel.

autumn tree
dressed in brilliant colors
chases shadows away

           The shadow wished to have color
           thinking it would become fuller.
               Yellow leaf said, oh no,
                that is no way to go.
      You'll stand out like me, and dry up duller.

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Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille #160: 
Poem that pack a punch  (posted by whimsygizmo)

"In case you can’t tell, today I’m feeling a little punchy. I’m after the perfect poetic punchline. So grab your word punching bag and get started. Turn a punch recipe into a refreshing poem. Holepunch your way into the lyrical universe, and dive right in. Don’t pull any punches; I want you to punch that writer’s block timeclock and just go for it."

He was punch-drunk,
smelled of skunk.
His head went clunk!
He was in a funk.
He knew he’d flunk
the test–be sunk.
He’d pack a trunk,
filled with his junk,
like jeans, preshrunk,
and his music, punk.
Maybe he’d become a monk.

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Written for:  Poetic Bloommings2 - Prompt #404
The Fall of Autumn

"Your poem will present the essence of autumn, full of descriptive language and imagery. Replete with the colorful sights and aromas. However, your poem will NOT contain the words Fall or Autumn anywhere in your verse. Not in the body and not in the title."

Aromatic apple cider
freshly pressed,
perfumes the air,
delights the tongue.
Plump orange
pumpkins await
picking and pies.
There's a chill
in the air.  Perhaps
a light jacket 
is needed to shoot
hoops across the street
where caramel, burgundy,
and mustard shades
float in a free-form

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Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #570

Words:  eyes, rattle, word, time, longer, pills, search,
        know, game, normal, box, sweet

What's your game?
I would love to know.
You eyes search
my face, your sweetness
charms me, disarms me.
As I begin to feel
a normal comfort 
from you, a box springs
open.  Time tumbles
out in unkind words,
looks of scorn, hisses
of a rattler.  Your two
personalities plague me.
Do you swallow potent
pills, not unlike the liquid
evil ingested by Jekyll,
and Hyde?  Think I need
to be otherwise occupied.

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Who Resides In The Mirror?

Written for:  Sunday Muse #228

"Venture through the vintage images and choose the one that speaks the loudest to your muse.  I look forward to seeing where they lead you!"

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt
What were you expecting
to see–the wealthy
socialite with her 
superior air, perfect
hair, and insincere
smile?  Shame.  What
can I say, sweetheart,
you are gazing at
the real you–chandeliers
cannot lie.  Small
satisfaction, wealth,
if you are joyless,
and unfulfilled.  That
pinched look, pursed
lips, and steely eyes
display everything you are

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Unsolved Puzzle

Written for:  Friday Writings #44 - To Err Is Human

"For this week’s optional prompt, I invite you to write about a time when we realized we were wrong about something, and what we did after the realization hit us."

Sometimes signs flash
past us too quickly
to take notice.
Moving does not
make life better.

After hearing
constant complaints–
shoveling snow, cold
weather, hating New York–
I could not bear
the talk, talk, talk 
any longer.  I was happy

with my home, but
never one to contemplate,
I agreed to relocate
across the country.  He
developed quirks.
I chose to ignore them.
After the move, changes
in behavior forced me to look.

All friends and family
were in New York.  I needed
support, and finally made
that tough decision to
pack up and move back.
Turns out he was glad.
Although I had to do
all the packing,
and arrangements, I knew
it was for the best.

These last five years
have brought chaos,
fear, and many tears.
I am home.  My sister
is here.  Life remains
an unsolved puzzle.

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Arms Of A Tree

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub - The strange houses of Lee Madgwick
(posted by sarahsouthwest)

"Choose an image and write a poem inspired by it."

Lee Madgwick
My dream of warmth
and comfort was
to be enfolded
in a tree's embrace.
I did not expect
my source of security
to infiltrate my house, 
and suffocate me.

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*Are You Experienced?

Written for:  Go Dog Go Cafe - Tuesday Writing Prompt
(posted by Devereaux and Beth)

"Write a poem using the words 'depth' and 'chemicals'.

He offered her
an experience
of great depth.
She turned
him down.  Said,
'I don't do

*Nod to Jimi Hendrix for title

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Written for:  The Twiglets - unlit

Inky shadow figures
crept unseen
across the unlit room.

Once fires
of passion spark
they cannot be unlit.

train stops short
white mountains fill background
lights go out

           He liked to smoke a fine cigar
        with friends and a scotch at the bar.
              He once had a date
             but it was his fate–
   she abhorred cigars, choked, and said 'No fumar'.

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Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - Prompt #403 - Living On The Edge

"We’re looking over the edge to write our poems this week. Edge of sanity, edge of reason or the edge of a ledge, what fuels your poetry? Give us a view from your lofty position. It’s true. We’re living on the edge."

Blackness waits.
She stands at the edge.
A quick step,
footing lost
would send her spiraling down
if she could but choose.

at the precipice
what she'd lose
besides herself.  Why isn't
that reason enough?

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