Angel Queen

Written for:  Sunday Muse #261

Through my bare feet
I absorb all the pain,
and desperation of
people who dwell
in this city of change.
One whip of my
wings can smite evil
doings miles away.  Do
not look for me; I am
invisible in my travels.
If you should see a flash
of lavender, know that 
I am protecting you.  If
you feel the beat 
of my wings, know that
your planned diabolism
is thwarted.

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Audacious Impertinents

Written for:  Friday Writings #78 - Artificial Intelligence

Intellectual children strive
to make our world a little less 
truthful, a little less
stable, a little less
private.  Our world becomes
their playground.  They
manipulate us, jerking
the strings of their
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Note to my Friends:

As I sit here and type this note, one-handed,  I have to tell you all that I will be out of circulation for at least a couple of weeks.

Graceful person that I am, I broke, and dislocated my wrist.  OW!!

Hope to see you soon.  Carry on.

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Beach Meditation

Written for:  Poetics Aside #650

"Write a meanwhile poem."

I listen to a beach meditation
waves curling onto shore

and tears flow

I see blue waves in my head,
white foam splashing

and tears flow

My breath becomes rhythmic
to that of the waves

and tears flow

When I slowly open my eyes
my cheeks are moist.  I am

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A Map of Her Face

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub - Quadrille #175 - mapping out
our poems  (posted by whimsygizmo). "Map"

She wears the map
of years across her face–
forehead frown lines
of disappointment,
crow’s feet circling
weary eyes. All
those instances where
she could not muster
a smile, pull corners
of her mouth into
a permanent frown.  She
imagines the future at 50.
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“happy nod”

Written for:  The Twiglets #323 - happy nod

Her face bobbed
up and down
like a beachball.
as she nodded yes
to his proposal.

Alice nodded off
under a shady tree.
She woke to find herself
in a strange land.

sun sparkles lake
she nods her head happily
words would break the spell

          The strange thing about Mr. Mertz–
           his reactions worked in reverse.
               nodded yes to a hike
           with boy scouts he disliked.
   Adding woods and bugs, that nod proved he was cursed.
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Stepping Up

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 - Prompt #436  Step Up To The Plate

he says.  How can I not
grasp this opportunity
to once again work
with Mr. Romance. If
I am able to fill
a mere toe of
Sweet Marie's shoe,
I will be ecstatic.
Marie, I wish you well.
Your return to our garden
would be welcome as a
daffodil sun, shining
its rays on all the 
seedlings, and planters–
as you do.

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Top of the Rock At Midnight

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #603

Words:  night, flashes, you, mystery, bow, climb,
        emerge, grain, bearing, verge, heart, clash

Night flashes,
a mystery.  We seem
to be on the verge
of an emergence.  
We climb to apex
of grainy rock,
our hearts pounding
so hard we nearly
lose our bearings.
Clash!  An unknown
creature stands 
before us.  Bows.
'Who are you?' it
asks in perfect
English.  We could
ask the same if
we weren't frozen
in place.
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Surprise Prize

Written for:  Poetic Asides 2023 April PAD Challenge - Day 30

"Write a surprise poem."

What is my prize?
Animal family?
That presents catchall of choices.
A chimp??
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Written for:  Sunday Muse #257

It is daybreak,
and I am not
home.  He said
we were destined
to be together,
however, after
our sex-soaked
night, we fell
asleep.  He changed
his mind as day
broke.  What a joke.
I couldn't get out
of there fast
enough.  People
will stare at me
on the train,
but at least
I will be out
of that brutal 
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