The Movies

Written for:  Poets and Storytellers
Weekly Scribblings #51 - Looking Back and Writing Forward

(posted by Magaly)

I chose Weekly Scribblings #9 - Contagion
movie goer's smiles
sharing a tub of popcorn
contagious laughter

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When Our Fears Subside

 When can we take our first baby steps
 in this upside-down world, empty streets.
 We may feel exposed with no mask to protect
 new tentative smiles, clarity of speech.

 Our hugs will surely bring forth tears of joy,
 lips will meet softly on that first kiss
 as long-time lovers feel oddly coy.
 Dining out–magical–something we’ve missed.

 Sounds of laughter, children playing games,
 friends visiting, sharing a dinner.
 Buds of color pop, Spring soon to reign.
 Local shops bustle with renewed vim and vigor.

 Let us hold hands when this darkness ends,
 and seek new beginnings, from the ashes ascend.
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“a long silence”

Written for:  The Twiglets #208 - "a long silence"

If you confess 
love to someone
and are met with
a long silence,
walk away.

Just as monks
may take a vow of silence,
others take a vow of
unending babble.

wetlands host frogs
cacophonous croaking
only in dark hours

             A man mostly practicing silence
           nearly committed an act of violence
                 stuck in elevator
                 with woman debater
      speaking politics which he took offense at.
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clear air

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1842 End Of Year

"In classical Japan (following the Lunar calendar) there was a fifth season ''New Year", and this season was from approximately 20 December 'til 20 January." 

 after New Year's Eve
 life hasn't changed a bit -
 another year gone

 listen! listen!
 the sweet silence
 the day after

 New Year's Eve
 fireworks enlightens the sky -
 bad ghosts flee

 © Chèvrefeuille (our host)

Here is my attempt:

old year of black smoke
trapped in Dreamcatcher's web
clears air for new year
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Turning Corner

Written for:  Poetic Bloomings2 #319 - "It's A Launch"

"We’re heading in the right direction starting today. Some will say nothing has changed except the calendar year, but that’s a matter of attitude and perspective. Let’s take a positive step forward and keep pacing toward a great year.
 So, Let’s get ready to launch. We’re blasting off for another great year of poeming here at POETIC BLOOMINGS! Write a LAUNCH poem and set a course for expressiveness!"

A new calendar,
a new year.  It hangs
in the kitchen,
adorned by January's
photo of a baby wolf.

We have turned
that impossible-to-reach
corner.  The pavement
is smoother, a vaccine
exists, and we finally
have a viable president.
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stooped flowers

Written for:  Carpe Diem's TANKA SPLENDOR 2020-1: VERNAL EQUINOX

"Here at Tanka Splendor I hope to inspire you to create an all new Tanka inspired on a given Tanka.
 This week I have chosen a Tanka themed “New Beginnings” and titled “Vernal Equinox”. The “Vernal Equinox” is the time on which Spring starts … and Spring is the season for “New Beginnings”.
 Here is the Tanka to inspire you:"

 departing Winter
 visiting my ancestors graves
 paying my respects
 to Mother Nature … flowers in my hair
 Vernal Equinox

 © Chèvrefeuille (our host)

Vernal Equinox

Here is my attempt:

sits on top steps of staircase
Christmas plant, red-leafed
drooped and dying black in cold
cannot be left outdoors

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sister haiku

two sisters laugh
recalling Dad's old expressions
on a couch New Year's Eve

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Backyard Snooze

Written for:  Sunday Whirl #489

Words:  check, dry, sleeping, haze, spine, silence,
        risk, bank, when, yard, metal, head

He sleeps in silence,
spine curved under 
a hazy sun.  His head
rests on a peacock
blue backyard pillow.
Far in the distance,
a bank of mountains
wears a metallic
gleam when the sun
nudges haze aside.
He opens an eye
to check the dry sky,
and decides he can
risk a longer snooze
in silence.
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The Transformation

Written for:  The Sunday Muse #141

Ah! The transformation
begins.  Steel woman
molts as iron armor
takes root in head
and neck.  Soon time
travel will commence.
Each prong represents
an era.  No one will
jeer at her now.  Ah!
She feels the strengthening
surge within.
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Ahead to 2021

Written for:  Sunday Muse #140  (posted by Chrissa)
Edge of a new year - exploring the pauses

No resolutions
only solutions.
Vaccine for pandemic
relief, new President.
Hoping fear recedes,
jobs meet needs.
No person hungry
or homeless, endless mercy.

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