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Trust Me

Written for: April 2021 PAD – Day 21 “Write a ( ) Me poem.” I want us to get married he said to reluctant me. Wore me down; I acquiesced. He found someone else. https://www.writersdigest.com/write-better-poetry/2021-april-pad-challenge-day-21

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Special Dinner

Written for: Poetics Aside PAD November 2020 Challenge – Day 24 “Today is the final two-for-Tuesday prompt day (and it’s the one I share every challenge). You can pick one prompt, pick both prompts, or even write one poem that … Continue reading

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Light Reflection

Written for:  Poetics Aside 2019 PAD November Chapbook Challenge – Day 20 For today’s prompt, write a light poem. The poem could involve light, like from a light bulb or the sun. Or it could involve the concept of being … Continue reading

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