Where Are We Headed?

Written for:  Poets United Midweek Motif~Evidence/Clues  (posted by Susan)


“I nearly called this prompt “reading the signs”~so go with that if you wish. Clues might be more fun, and lots and lots about evidence is in the news these days. Do we seek these signs, clues, and evidence “to create order out of chaos” as Will Shortz says (see quote above)? Or are we passing the time in game mode, entertaining ourselves?

Your Challenge: Write a new poem with one or more signs, clues, or pieces of evidence in it ~ and express where they lead.”

Another beach closing,
sharks posing a threat.
Glaciers are melting,
lakes are shrinking,
and he says, winking,
‘There is no such thing
as global warming.”
Storms and wildfires
are out of control
as we keep setting
new records–none
to be proud of.
Endangered species
grow in number.
Even water is no
longer pure. Sometimes
you hear, ‘this country
is going to the dogs.’
Perhaps that is exactly
where it should go.
Paws for the greater cause.